By PureBlends
March 13, 2019

In the beginning

It wasn’t until Pure Blends Protein co-founder Charlie Dennington took up running in his early twenties, and started taking the gym seriously that he decided to also focus on his nutrition. He started taking whey-based protein because that was all he could find in the shop, and it was what had been recommended to him time and again by friends. However, it wasn’t until Charlie started to pay attention to the ingredients of the proteins he was taking, that he realised just how many unknown ingredients they contained, and he questioned what good (or harm) was it actually doing?

All the additional artificial flavours and non-plant based ingredients, coupled with a  growing aversion of dairy meant that he needed to start looking for a natural alternative. After months of researching and trying new proteins Charlie found none that met his needs. Along with business partner Danny, the two decided to come up with their own alternative, one that contained natural ingredients which would deliver the same nutritional value as other proteins on the market, and Pure Blends Protein was born.

For Charlie, the best thing about Pure Blends Protein is that it’s accessible to everyone, and is a great alternative for those who are looking for a natural, plant-based protein.