By PureBlends
December 5, 2019

Can you name all of the ingredients in your protein powder?

Can you list every ingredient in your protein powder? Even if you pride yourself on having a top notch noggin for withholding information, you would be hard-pressed to reel off the weird and
wacky named ingredients found in a lot of protein powders on the market. As we charge ever forward in to a world where we strive to be healthy, where we believe that a balanced lifestyle and
good nutrition can hold the key to a better and happier life, surely then to chug down a pre or post-workout shake with 20 or so incomprehensible and ineligible ingredients seems to be counter-

At Pure Blends Protein we believe education around nutrition is key to unlocking a true appreciation of what food sources can help you achieve the balanced and healthy lifestyle so many of us are in search of.

That’s why we created a protein blend that uses a maximum of four, natural ingredients, pea, hemp, brown rice, and real fruit. So simple and yet in a way, revolutionary, to provide a healthy and
nutritious, high protein plant-based drink, which is clean and as natural as possible. Less ingredients spanning over the same portion size means more space for every micro gram of high quality
ingredients on offer to your body, in which the body craves and thrives upon.

Whether you see yourself as vegan, carnivore, or anywhere in between, a healthy and balanced lifestyle can aid in our mental and physical well being. This is easier said than done; with many of us
relying on the product label to guide us. Does it say low in fat on the bottle? Yes, ok great! How about low sugar? Yep that too, ok brilliant, well then here’s to a healthy lunch then straight back to
work or taking care of the kids…no time to notice the gelling agents, emulsifiers, stabilisers and acidity regulators. Maltodextrin anyone? Often found in low sugar snacks because it is moderately
sweet, but is high on the glycaemic index (GI), leading to spikes in your blood sugar level; the classic mid-afternoon crash is inevitable.

One of the best starting points on anyone’s journey to a healthier diet, is to increase the amount of plant-based ingredients that you consume; they are easily digestible, naturally low in fat and sugar whilst high in fibre and often protein too. They can have a plethora of nutritional value and even contain antioxidants and some have anti-inflammatory properties.

Switching from a coffee, diet soft drink, or protein shake in which you cannot recall the full ingredients list, is one simple starting point towards living a healthy lifestyle.

If you are considering making a healthy switch, try our three plant-based powerhouse bombs of nutrition (pea, hemp and brown rice) in our natural blend, or accompanied by real fruit in our
flavour range (we only use real fruit for flavour, so you know exactly what you are having), and see how much your body thanks you for removing all those additional ingredients.

Whether you wish to remain a meat-eater, switch solely to plant-power, or anything in between, nothing can argue with the nutritional facts that accompany these powerful ingredients, and without the need for added flavourings, thickeners or sweeteners; your mental and physical well being will truly benefit from the simplicity.